Material Technology (part II): Advancements in Material Technology

Material technology advancement and innovation may very well encourage and accelerate the speed of which entire cities are engineered and towns constructed while more land, materials and resources are used in the process. In humanity’s search for an answer to resolve the environmental crisis, is it still smart to focus on innovation while our planet is suffering partly because of it? Which comes to where the topic was previously left off, “is material technology even necessary?”, which was a trick question, because advancement is technically inevitable. But do not worry, the direction of innovation has shown itself to have shifted towards a movement for the environment rather than taking from it.

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Material Technology (part I): Introduction to Materials

Materials, material finishes, terms that do not come across as strange or unheard of, even to non-architects or interior designers as they are part of everyone’s everyday lives. Materials come in all shapes and sizes with vastly varying characteristics and chemical properties of which suitability is determined by different needs and type of building by the climate and also durability (Benitez, 2011). Besides the obvious factor of aesthetics, material selection should be considered carefully depending on the physical and chemical properties such as the fire, water and heat resistance, hardness, smoothness, etc.

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