In conclusion of my research, I have found that, although flawed, technology brings humanity numerous benefits, especially towards the architecture and interior design industry. No matter physical or virtual, and what scale technological advances are made, all innovations should be welcomed with open arms as a step further in humanity’s quest to understand and conquer issues dealt with science.

The following are my thoughts on arguments presented on my previous blog entry topics.

An argument exists that when society gets its hands on better material things and living conditions that it will want more and more thus generating more greed and more usage of raw materials and resources, combating the purpose of environmentally friendly or sustainable materials and building. We must not therefore succumb to humanity’s greed by combating it with living standards or product quality lower that it can be, on the contrary give the people the best and with that, educate them how to preserve the environment with natural design and against material, capitalistic views.

“Using softwares leads to disadvantages due to lack of user-control”, although very different from traditional techniques of sketching and rendering by hand, digital rendering, modeling and fabrication has far superior accuracy and results. In my opinion, traditional techniques can have benefits in where our brain naturally functions better with physically moving our arms to draw, but there is no reason to shun using the help of technology when manual techniques can be stacked with digital to work together and eventually come up with the best results for a design.

As for kinetic architecture, some may criticise that autonomous climate-responsive kinetic architecture elements are not a way of passive conditioning of a building’s interior and still requires energy to function. Although this is so, kinetic architecture is more efficient in controlling the building interior’s conditions compared to traditional devices such as louvres.

Regarding architectural technologies and its advancement in general, I believe that no advancement is wrong or a bad direction towards innovation, as with mistakes, we can only learn and adapt to previous experiences only if we’ve gone through them. With the help of these advances I am certain the innovations to come will not only come more rapidly, but be better than ever.


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